Laura Moustacakis, a French-German designer, founded Colchik in 2016. From the beginning she concieved it as a family business, just at the border between life and work. Because it is the only way she can imagine her life: as a whole. Colchik naturally puts family in the center of its project. Have you ever noticed how happy it makes a child to wear the same garment as his mother or father? We believe a family wardrobe contributes to deep family connections, creating common values and tastes. We believe in the magical power of clothes and that they are a strong sentimental link between people.


For years, our Colchik family was on the move. Originally from Paris, we spent long time in the Middle East and in the South of France. Then for two years, we roamed the world, travelling from France to China and back again in a van. One day, it was time to settle down. We chose Potsdam, on the outskirts of Berlin, for both its vibrant culture and vast nature. Now we work as local as possible. The designs, patterns and prototypes are made by hand in our Potsdam workshop. The garments are produced in a mid-sized company in Poland, not far from Berlin, so we can keep everything close at hand.


We resolutely have chosen to be a slow factory, meaning for us that we always take time to produce high-quality products, focusing on respect for people and nature. By people, we mean the people we are working for, our customers, as well as the people we are working with. We know every single person who is sewing our clothes and know they are doing it with love. We exclusively use Ökotex certified fabrics – assuring our customers that our clothes don’t contain any chemicals or other harmful substances that could be detrimental to their health or the environment. Colchik clothes can really be worn in good conscience and that’s essential for us.


Colchik is a reflection about the combination of utility and beauty, about how to concentrate and find the essence in daily life. Simple yet graceful clothes with strong character are our answer. We work with two high-quality fabrics that not only stand the test of time but even develop a unique patina over time: plain cotton for the shirts and beautiful denim for all other garments. Both materials are simultaneously strong and soft. Colchik clothes are largely inspired by vintage workwear – meaning strong clothes, designed for action. This defines the very special character of our clothes: they are built on memory to create a meaningful and strong present.


Contrary to the hustle and bustle of trends, Colchik proposes a permanent collection of essential and thoughtful clothes. We want to offer people something quiet, deep and reassuring – something you can fall in love with and then walk with for life. Our small range of clothes and colors is the fruit of a long reflection about the very meaning of garments and a quest to make a wardrobe suitable for kids and adults, boys and girls, men and women, in order to express the unity in everything. You will find our basic designs year after year, a permanent collection annually enriched by new designs or colors.


We strongly believe there is an urgent need for new ideas and operating models. Every day, we try to question our actions and invent new solutions. That is how we decided to use our advertising budget for a much better purpose: planting trees. Since 2017, we are working together with Reforest Action following the principle of “buy one, plant one” – so for each item you buy, we plant a tree together. This is a wonderful daily motivation for us to work not only for our label, but also for the future of our blue planet. We hope you will follow us in this adventure and are already dreaming of a little Colchik forest.


In the last years climate change sadly became an integral part of our daily life and political thoughts. Wild capitalism and global warming are obviously related. If we want to ensure a future for our children, we have to change radically the way we do business. We have to take a large step to more respect and sustainability. 
In January 2018 we moved from our traditional bank to a social-ecologic one, the GLS Bank from Germany, where our money supports a variety of ecological projects. What a good feeling to work with a bank using our income only for good purposes and driving the changes we need!

eco actions

Reforest’Action, our partner since 2017, was founded in 2010 with the primary mission to raise awareness and take action for forests. After reducing its ecological footprint, the forest proves to be the best solution to meet the main global challenges that condition the future of humanity. The reforestation projects contribute to the development of the local economy, the restoration of the environment and the protection of biodiversity. 2019 Reforest’Action obtains B Corp. certification. This label certifies that Reforest’Action’s activities meet the highest standards in terms of social and environmental performances, transparency and responsibility.

Colchik is currently contributor by a project in Tanzania. In the Usambara Mountains, close to the Kenyan border, Reforest’Action is financing the planting of one million trees in the Magamba Nature Reserve, one of the world’s biodiversity hotspots. Through this reforestation project, 204 villages and their inhabitants are mobilized to set up nurseries for young shoots, to plant trees and to care about them. Nurseries are also located in 6 schools and participate in the school program of forest protection education. The involvement of schoolchildren aims to raise local populations’ awareness of sustainable development and forest protection. 

Tree planting has the potential to stop the current trend of environmental degradation, it helps conserve the local water source and mitigate the effects of climate change. The project also enables the creation of additional income for local populations through the sale of fruits and seeds from trees planted in agroforestry. We are very proud to be part of this virtuous circle: our profits in the rich part of the world generate activity and profits for people who would never be able to even think about buying our clothes. It gives sense to our work, making it really sustainable. 


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